Talking BTV Quarantunes with Remi Russin

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Talking with BTVQuarantunes creator Remi Russin about keeping the music scene alive and thriving during the pandemic. Dozens of local bands and artists had to cancel shows and album release parties and Remi has been doing an amazing job of rounding up their music and creating local playlists for the Burlington Vermont area.

Remi is a big fan of the DIY Burlington Facebook Group – as I have talked about several times on the show. Check out the DIY group if you are interested in local music or are a musician yourself.

Remi is now also sharing these playlists on Big Heavy World’s ‘The Radiator’ – 105.9FM on Wednesday nights at 9pm.

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Recording Date: Tuesday April 14th 2020
Recording Location: The Burlington Talks Discord Server (join it here)
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Episode Length: 49:05
Episode Number: 15
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