Talking with Pons The Band (in Your Ears)

Show Notes

Talking with Pons the band (in your ears). Sam Smith, Sebastion Carnot and Jack Parker had a great conversation with me about their post punk / dance punk band, Pons. You may remember Jack Parker from my interview with Boys Cruise back at the start of the year.
With 2 drummers live and a purposely differing live and recorded sound, this band will have you on your toes and flailing wildly to the beat. Listen to their debut album INTELLECT now below!
The band got a shoutout by Nardwuar The Human Serviette. They were also featured by hometown paper Seven Days in this article and also this article.

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Interview Details

Recording Date: Tuesday October 6th 2020
Recording Location: South Burlington
Recording Weather: Freaking epic fall weather! High of 66°F and low of 52°F.
Episode Length: 50.17
Episode Number: 19
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