Talking with Seth Cronin Of Sputoola

Show Notes

  •  Sputoola was formed in 2016 and is a progressive funk rock band
  •  Pale Blue Dot was their first single released in 2018
  • We are all anxiously awaiting the release of their self titled album, which is probably one of the greatest band names of all time.  (Sputoola)
  • The band’s about page is full of more great details!

Contact Details

Interview Details

Recording Date: Saturday, April 17th 2020
Recording Location: Vermont Talks Discord Channel
Recording Weather: Quarantine was in the air.. High 45°F and low of 32 in Burlington.
Episode Length: 1:05:59
Episode Number: 18
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Listen to Pale Blue Dot on Bandcamp!

Check Out the Sputoola website here!

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